January 10, 2009 Alexandria Virginia, Fairfax Virginia

1961 Stratford Landing ‘Model D’ MCM – $495K

This listing in Stratford Landing south of Alexandria has some elements of Eichler homes in California: no windows facing the street except for the glass surrounding the front door, open floor plan and front-gabled low pitched roof. The family room of the 3/2 one-level house also features clerestory windows and an indoor planter running along the bottom of a wall of glass. I also like the white painted brick fireplace with cool cutouts that serves as a divider between the living room (the room you enter the house in) and the dining room. See images here.

Terrance, a Modern Capital reader who lives in the neighborhood, says “there are about 11 of these along a two block stretch of Camden, plus an ‘orphan’ that is six blocks away, just off Stratford Lane on Captain’s Landing. Most are not painted white, just a pinkish-red brick. There are two other models along this stretch that are equally unusual. The neighborhood is worth checking out.”

Here’s a listing for one of the other models on Camden Street. It’s listed at $529K.