June 13, 2011 Techbuilt House

1961 ‘Techbuilt’-Style Mid-Century in Garrett Park – $689K

Garrett Park Techbuilt-like house
Carl Koch, who studied at Harvard at the time of Walter Gropius, is best known for his post-World War II pre-fab Techbuilt home, which featured a pitched roof, large plate glass windows on the gable ends and deep eaves. This house listed in the town of Garrett Park is modeled after Koch’s Techbuilt homes. (You can see better photos here. Hard to take a good shot through all those trees.) The contractor who built a few authentic Techbuilts in Garrett Park, including 10809 Clermont Ave. (pictured below; not for sale) bought land and constructed homes to look like Koch’s pre-fab designs.

Techbuilt House in Garrett Park

This house on Clermont Avenue is a Carl Koch-designed Techbuilt House.