October 28, 2013 Charles Goodman

1965 Goodman Hickory Cluster Townhome – $389K

Hickory Cluster2

When Robert Simon started developing Reston as a modern planned community in the early 1960s, he asked Charles Goodman to design the first set of homes. Goodman designed Hickory Cluster, 90 International-style townhomes nestled into the trees just across the street from Lake Anne. This end unit, which sold a couple of years ago, is back on the market and listed for $389K. The 2 bedroom/1.5 bath home has larger rooms and master bath compared to the original design. (A third bedroom was used to expand the other spaces.) I think the renovated full bathroom goes well with the Goodman mid-century modern aesthetic.

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  1. Ali Burtt — October 29, 2013 @ 10:18 am         Reply

    Interesting choice on expanding the master bath. My recollection though was that it suffered more from not having another shower. I know there are some restrictive things about that community but would adding a second full bath have been an option?

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