July 27, 2011 Charles Goodman, Hollin Hills Virginia

1965 Goodman ‘Unit House No. 57’ in Hollin Hills – $592K

One of the most innovative of Charles Goodman’s designs in Hollin Hills was for the 1952 Unit House No. 5 model, a one-story, flat-roofed rectangular house with 3 bedroom and 1 bath. Goodman even designed a new framing system to accommodate the flat roof, according to Gregory Hunt’s chapter on the architecture of the mid-century modern community in the book Hollin Hills : Community of Vision. Hunt notes that the January 1954 edition of House and Home magazine described the model as “the most advanced builder house in the U.S. The builder was daring indeed: for the amazing thing about this house is not only that it has such a well-integrated plan and structure, or such a simple, expressive interior; it is just as amazing that Builder Robert Davenport let Architect Charles Goodman get away with a design that only 10 years ago might have been considered the most avant guard house in the U.S.”

This new listing in Hollin Hills is for a variant of the Unit House No. 5. Unit House No. 57 is larger and a full square rather than the smaller rectangular model. A large exterior brick fireplace also is a key difference from the earlier model.