March 12, 2010 Bethesda Maryland, Carderock Springs

Rare 1965 “Atrium” in Carderock Springs – $975K

The open-air atrium sits in the center of the home's top floor.

The 1966 September issue of House and Garden picked the Keyes, Lethbridge and Condon “Atrium” design to be its House of Color. The house is a flat-roof, two-level home with the main floor rooms forming a U around a glass-walled (sans roof) atrium. The listing for one of only half-a-dozen of these designs in Carderock Springs has dropped from $1.099 million to $975K. The house is open March 21.

“In a house, as in a painting too many, too strong colors in too many areas end up canceling each other out,” the magazine says in describing its color design in the home, built by Edmund Bennett. “Even Matisse did not fill his canvases edge to edge with vivid hues, but used them to highlight a flower or a scrap of fabric. So in a house, the excitement  of potent color is likely to be more welcome when it is reserved for a few rooms.”  So what, you are asking, were the magazine’s colors for 1966? Apricot Ice, Celery, Eggplant, Putty and Azalea, which were concentrated in the “more personal rooms” while more muted tones were used in the open living spaces.