April 20, 2008 Mid-Century Modern

1970 Scholz MCM in Glenwood Park – $389K

The listing for this 3/3 California contemporary in Glenwood Park in Lanham, which appears to have had little if no updating, says it is a “one of a kind Scholz design” taken from Homes and Garden Magazine.

This looks like a design by Donald J. Scholz, who founded Scholz Homes in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio in 1946. Scholz was named by Builder Magazine in 2000 as one of the 21st century’s 100 most influential figures in the residential building industry.

More on Scholz from the website of his son, John, who also is an architect:

“Boldly departing from post-WWII uniformity, Scholz homes were distinct and innovative, gaining popularity in upscale American communities throughout the fifties. Don both designed and built these homes and by the 1960’s had become one of the largest homebuilders in the United States. Influenced by modernist architects like Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright, he had a strong appreciation of nature and the extension of indoor to outdoor living. Extensive floor-to-ceiling glass treatments, cathedral ceilings and open living spaces were used to blur the line between the interiors and exteriors of homes.”

Scholz sold more than 50,000 California contemporaries and was an early innovator of prefabrication techniques. Here is some more information of on Scholz from the Forest Hill Home Owners website in Cleveland. Scholz built 21 homes in this community.