July 11, 2007 Fairfax Virginia, Richard Neutra, Virginia

2006 ‘Case Study House’ in Clifton – $2.99 Million

I am having visions of Richard Neutra’s 1947 Kaufman House and Pierre Koenig’s 1958 Case Study House 21. This 4 bedroom/5 bath (plus two half baths), 8,000 sq. ft. house sits on five acres in Clifton, Va. While this house is much larger than the other homes, the flat roof, liberal use of glass and cool pool area, pay homage to these iconic structures. The home has a 3,000 gallon koi pond and a planter in the hallway similar to the one seen in the famous image of Koenig’s home. Check the listing or this Yahoo photo album for more pictures of this MCM-esque home.