August 10, 2011 Mid-Century Modern

1969 A-Frame Near the Chesapeake – $169K

Vintage vacation home book

I love looking through vacation house plan books from the 1950s and ’60 like this one by the Douglas Fir Plywood Association or the one I am reading now, 151 Leisure-Time Vacation Homes, which was published in 1968. I dream about buying some land and building one of the cool, retro designs. (I wish you could still buy the plans for $25.) One of the most ubiquitous designs you come across in these vintage plan books is the the A-frame.

“The A-frame home plan is considered the classic vacation home,” says the site coolhouseplans.com, where you can still buy plans for A-frame homes, although at a higher price than 1968. “The A-frame home has been cast in the role of a ‘getaway’ place for a number of good reasons. First, the steep pitch or triangular shape of the a-frame’s roof is undaunted by the weight of heavy snowfall. Second, the upper floor plan can be either used as a sleeping loft or for storage space. And finally, exterior maintenance of an A-frame style home is generally limited to its front and rear, since the roof extends nearly to the ground on both sides. This allows more time to enjoy the home–not work on it. The A-frame design is easily imagined, nestled away in a wooded setting, reflecting itself in the rippling waters of a mountain lake, or overlooking the crashing waves of an ocean beachfront.”

If you are interested in an A-frame, here’s one that is already built. Located in Lusby, Maryland, only a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay, this 1969¬†3 bedroom/2 bath A-frame is listed for $169,000. The three-level house on three quarters of an acre looks similar to the designs in the book.¬†Could be fun to turn into a retro vacation retreat.