May 2, 2010 Hollin Hills House and Garden Tour

A Glassful of Nature: The 2010 Hollin Hills Home and Garden Tour

Here are a few shots from yesterday’s Hollin Hills Home and Garden Tour, the largest to date with more than 1,300 people exploring the 12 featured homes and gardens. What is most striking about Hollin Hills is the natural surroundings; it is really the star of the show. The architecture of the 450 homes sits lightly on the ground and is enveloped by the hills, trees and plants. The walls of glass breakdown the barriers between inside and out. This is exactly what developer Robert Davenport and architect Charles Goodman sought to achieve and what set the neighborhood apart from most others being built in the post World War II period.

“Davenport was committed to the natural beauty of the neighborhood,” the tour’s brochure says by way of introduction. “House and roads were sited according to the contours of the hills of the community. He retained the premier modern landscape architects of his time–Lou Bernard Voight, Dan Kiley and Eric Paepke–to connect private and public landscapes in a park-like design that has won the community recognition for more than five decades.”

Can you find the house?

A lush backyard with "borrowed views" of one of the community's many parklands.

Goodman's signature wall of windows brings nature inside.

The homes in Hollin Hills were sited for maximum privacy.

The landscaping complements the Asian-inspired renovation of this one-level home. It is on the market for $650K.

Listing for2003 Marthas Rd. – $650K.

One of the parks honoring the architect.

A nice backyard view. If want to see this every day, the house is on the market for $750K.

Listing for 2106 Popkins Ln. – $750K.

Caution. Modern ducks crossing.

Communing with nature. Davenport and Goodman sought to keep as many trees as possible as you can see here and below.

The modern gods of Hollin Hills provided beautiful weather for the tour.

I need to sit down after four hours of walking the hills of Hollin Hills.