July 26, 2007 Mid-Century Modern

A New Look for a Growing Community

I got the idea last fall for Modern Capital when I was looking for a comprehensive resource about mid-century modern architecture and real estate here in D.C. When my searches turned up empty, I decided to just create one on my own.

The site has grown from just a few hundred visits a month at the end of last year to more than 2,000 today. I want to thank those who are reading, posting and sending me tips about cool homes that you spot. I especially appreciate all the e-mails telling me how much you are enjoying not just the site, but the community that we are creating. As you can see from the tag line in the logo at the top, Modern Capital aims to be the the meeting place for mid-century modern and modern enthusiasts here in the land of neo-colonials.

So keep reading and sending me those tips. I look forward to working hard over the next several months to not only build a better site and resource, but place where our community can grow and flourish.

A special thanks to my brother, Daniel, an artist in Pittsburgh who created the logo, which incorporates a home by the D.C. area’s leading modernist architect, Charles Goodman. Check out Daniel’s website and his work for sale at ShopSCAD and Etsy.