October 15, 2012 Mid-Century Modern

Archer Launches The Jacobsen Collection

Slayton House

The clean lines of the Jacobsen-designed furniture grace the living room of I.M. Pei’s Slayton House in DC. Photo courtesy of Wright20.

Good architecture needs good furniture. Award-winning architects Hugh Newell Jacobsen and Simon Jacobsen have understood this throughout their careers, designing furniture for private clients around the world. Now Modern Capital sponsor Archer, in collaboration with the Jacobsens, is launching the 50-piece Jacobsen Collection. The father-and-son team’s lifework is distilled into a collection of living room, dining room and bedroom furnishings now available to the public. Both Jacobsen’s are members of Architectural Digest’s AD100, the magazine’s list of the top designers in the world. You can see the furniture and meet the Jacobsens this Thursday evening (Oct. 18) at Archer in Georgetown from 6 to 10 p.m. Please RSVP to Christopher Boutlier at [email protected].

The Jacobsens have designed furniture for clients all around the world. Photo courtesy of Archer.

“The collection bridges a lifetime of  designs for private clients on the coasts of Florida, The Dominican Republic, Europe, Asia, Colorado, Washington, California, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in a cohesive and effortless discipline that evokes style, elegance, and simplicity,” says Archer owner Robert Chapman. “Original and iconic, this exclusive collection for ARCHER is timeless, speaking to a vision that has evolved over a long and prestigious career devoted to excellence in architecture and design.”

Make sure to head to Archer to meet the Jacobsens, DC’s own modern architectural legends, and to experiences the launch of furniture once only available to their private clients around the world.