September 11, 2011 Bannockburn Bethesda MD

Bannockburn’s Disappearing Mid-Century Moderns

Paramount sign

The Bannockburn neighborhood in Bethesda, which features large wooded lots close to the Potomac River, is known for its cluster of impressive custom mid-century modern homes. The question is: How long will this last? The Stokes House on Crail Drive, which was designed by architect Hal Esten, sold for $850K earlier this summer. The house, which needs much work, sits on a prime wooded acre. (See what the house looks like here and what it may become.) It was purchased for cash and will be lost as you can see below.

Stokes House


Esten Drawing - Stokes House

Here is Hal Esten's original drawing for the Stokes House.

There is a mid-century home on Nevis Road behind the trees and sign pictured at the top of the post. This will be torn down as well. And just a few houses down, a mid-century modern home was torn down and replaced with this home, Corinithian columns and all. So sad.

House with Corinthian columns