April 30, 2008 Alcoa Care-Free Home, Alexandria Virginia, Charles Goodman, Fairfax Virginia, Hollin Hills Virginia, Virginia

Care-Free in Hollin Hills

“Our goal is to endow the home with a personality … delightful to be in, pleasant to live in, worthy of pleasure and pride in possession.”

–Charles M. Goodman, A.I.A, Alcoa Care-free Home brochure

When I recently wrote about this Charles Goodman Alcoa Care-free house in Minnesota, a reader rightly noted that there is one of the models in Hollin Hills. After the House and Garden Tour on Saturday, I swung by 7801 Elba Rd. to see how our local Care-free stacked up to the one up north. Unfortunately, from the look of the outside, the house (which is not for sale) cannot match the pristine condition of the one in Minnesota.