February 16, 2014 Mid-Century Modern

Case Study House Apartments #1 For Sale


Warm up and get some inspiration from this Alfred Beadle-designed 1962 triplex in Phoenix known as Case Study Apartments #1. As part of Arts & Architecture magazine’s Case Study House program, two designs for multi-family housing were included. Beadle’s  “Triad Apartments” design was the only one built and the only Case Study House built in Arizona.

“Recognized as one of Al Beadle’s best,  “Triad Apartments”  broke the mold of the conventional apartment, providing (3) one-bedroom/den or two-bedroom units of 840+- sq ft,” the listing says. ” Each apartment contains a living room, kitchen, bath and a study as well as a private outdoor patio.  Communal facilities include carport, storage and laundry; a central court that allows for light, space and beauty.”

The complex is on the market for $500K.  Here’s the A&A article on the project.