November 9, 2010 Charles Goodman

Charles Goodman on ‘Sexy’ Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Example of modern architecture homes in va md

I recently picked up a copy of the new book Housing Washington: Two Centuries of Residential Development and Planning in the National Capital Area. The 400-page tome, edited by Richard Longstreth, director of the GW’s graduate program in historic preservation, includes chapters on such topics as Greenbelt, Md., Southwest D.C. and the work of Charles Goodman. I’m in the middle of reading the chapter on Goodman, entitled “Charles M. Goodman and ‘Tomorrow’s Vernacular.'” The chapter is written by local architectural historian Elizabeth Joey Lampl, whose work on Goodman I have referred to many times on this site.

I have to share this quote Lampl includes¬†by the always blunt Goodman. Speaking of the average American homebuyer, Goodman said, “I don’t think he could care less about all the details if the end product has a healthy mixture of undiluted sex appeal. He is sick and tired of the plainness, sameness, and regimentation of size, shape, and arrangement in most houses he is offered. … His attitude toward built-ins, houses facing away from streets, bigger windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor-outdoor living, and all the rest is summed up in simple English by: ‘Good. If all these fine things combine to give me and my family the good life, that’s for me.'”

If “that’s” ¬†for you, here are a few Goodman listings to consider, including two in Hollin Hills. This 1953 ranch (pictured above) has been on the market for a month and has dropped to $535K. This new listing is for a larger, expanded home at $659K. Two more: The Goodman in Rock Creek Woods I am listing is at $519,000 and Goodman’s own sexy home (see below) is listed for $1.249 million.

Goodman modern architecture homes in va md