May 22, 2008 Charles Goodman, Chevy Chase Maryland

Chevy Chase Modern By Mark McInturff – $1.29 Million

Looks like this modern house in the Rollingwood section of Chevy Chase has a contract, but it is an interesting story nonetheless. The home, built in 1994 and designed by architect Mark McInturff (who grew up in Hollin Hills), was constructed on a piece of property on Greenvale Road between two custom Charles Goodman homes. The home on the right was built for Paul Berman, who developed Hammond Hill and Hammond Wood. The home on the left was designed for Lewis Jacobs, Goodman’s attorney. At the time they were built in 1951, the two men bought three pieces of land, but only built on two of them, leaving an open space between the two homes, according to Elizabeth Jo Lampl’s monograph on Goodman-designed homes in Montgomery County.

On the Jacobs House, Lampl quotes a story by an Evening Star reporter who marvels at all the Glass Goodman used. “By using glass for three of its four ground-floor walls, and plenty of large windows on the upper floor, the architect has worked a kind of legerdemain [sleight of hand] upon the rectangular shape … which makes the interior appear to burst out of its box-like form and gain a new dimension.”

There are two other custom Goodmans in the neighborhood. The Schlosser House on Rocton Court and the Homes House on Rocton Road.

To see images of the McInturff home, click on the listing’s virtual tour.