April 22, 2009 Charles Goodman, Crest Park, Rock Creek Woods Silver Spring MD

Crest Park Goodmans Highlighted in Post

Did you see the Post’s “Where We Live” column on Saturday? Homes by Charles Goodman got a shout out and picture in the piece about Hillandale in Silver Spring. Located in the Crest Park subdivision, the 25 homes built in the 1960s reflect Goodman’s designs seen earlier in Rock Creek Woods.

“The Goodman houses are situated not only at the most prominent corners of the development (such as Schindler and La Grande Drives,) but also at the choicest sites topographically, abutting woodlands and streambeds,” architectural historian Elizabeth Jo Lampl writes in her 2004 monograph on the architect’s subdivisions in Montgomery County. “One can only imagine Goodman insisting on these sites for some of his model houses.”

While I do not see any Goodmans for sale in the neighborhood, this MCM by Patterson & Worland is still on the market after nearly two years.