September 8, 2008 Bethesda Maryland

David Jameson Ultra-Modern ‘Jigsaw’ House in Bethesda – $1.395 Million

This listing is for the AIA award-winning “Jigsaw” house in Bethesda by Alexandria-based architect David Jameson. On his web site, Jameson says the project “recycled a single story suburban house located on a busy corner” into an ultra-modern home with uniquely shaped windows and an with open-air courtyard.

“Fundamental to the conception of the house is the notion of reflectivity, rendering unclear the boundaries between inside and outside,” Jameson continues. “Light and space are modulated by meshing ribbons of wall and glass that form a tessellation of solid and void. The conditioning of these internal and external walls is identical. Planes of stucco exterior walls transform into plaster interior walls while passing through glass. Clerestory glazing and window constructs are carefully sited to afford privacy to the occupants while framing and extending views through the site.”

On more mundane matters, check out the open kitchen with its large wood island with stove and oven and wall of yellow cabinets hiding the refrigerator.