August 7, 2008 Mid-Century Modern

Discussion: Those who live in glass houses…have to deal with….

It’s fun to look at cool MCM houses online or to go to open houses, but what are the unique issues or problems that go along with actually owning one when you decide to buy. The question was posed by one Modern Capital reader and assume on the minds of many people on this site who are looking for a MCM home in the area. I thought it would be interesting to get the thoughts of people who own homes with full walls of glass (all you Goodman owners) and the architects who read the site and are well-versed in mid-century modern design. Below are three specific questions posed by the reader to kick off the discussion:

  • Does the concrete slab foundation make renovations more difficult and expensive, especially plumbing or HVAC changes?
  • Do the single pane windows all need to be replaced to keep energy use reasonable?
  • Are there a set of common problems with this style of home (e.g. noise through the walls etc.)?

Hopefully, this will kick off a lively discussion, like the one on the granite and stainless steel kitchens here. Check out the last comment from the person who actually bought the Hollin Hills house in question. I think a lot of people will be heartened by the new owner’s comments.