The pool at the Frey House II by Albert Frey.

January 4, 2018 Palm Springs

Dreaming of Mid-Century Modern Pools in Palm Springs

Lounging by a mid-century modern pool in Palm Springs sounds nice right now as we freeze here on the East Coast. Bonnie Tsui’s piece in the New York Times this past weekend could not have come at a better moment.

“The pool is both entertainment and escape,” she writes. “Under the palm trees in a desert town built over an aquifer, the symbolism of the pool as oasis is particularly resonant. It is refuge and relief — from the heat, from daily difficulties, from the 24-hour glare of nearby Los Angeles. Screen idols had been fleeing the pressure cooker of Hollywood for the poolside pleasures of Palm Springs’ resorts since the 1930s. You could alternately seek entertainment and silo yourself away.”

Here are few pictures of some Palm Springs’ pools to help warm you up–or push you to book a flight west right now. Modernism Week also is coming up Feb. 15-25.

The pool at the Annenberg’s Sunnylands by A. Quincy Jones.


The champagne cork shaped pool at the Ocotillo Lodge by Dan Palmer and William Krisel.