August 26, 2014 Mid-Century Modern

Dwell-Featured Modern in Maine – $485K

Cohen House

I’m always looking for just the perfect mid-century modern summer retreat, either at the beach, along a river or in the mountains. While summer is coming to an end, it is never too early to prepare.  Here’s a good candidate. Designed by renown architect and Cornell University professor Peter Cohen and featured in the October 2009 issue of Dwell magazine, this 3 bedroom/3 bath, 2,100 square-foot home in Maine was built in 2000 but based on a Cohen’s “spine-and-module” design, which he developed during the mid-century period.

Cohen House2

“With a central corridor comprising the kitchen, service areas, hallway, main entrance, and mechanical components, Cohen is free to clip modules such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, or decks onto the frame,” Aaron Britt writes his 2009 Dwell article. “He has attached them strategically to take advantage of surrounding views and topography. Originally implemented on a house he designed in 1961, the system is still a pliant and viable strategy for homes of all sizes.”

Cohen, who studied with  Josep Lluís Sert at Harvard in the 1950s and worked with Louis Kahn, passed away last year and his wife Sally and family are now selling the house, which sits 150 miles northeast of Portland on 1.34 acres along the wooded banks of the Union River. It is listed for $485K. Make sure to check out this stunning video tour.