January 3, 2016 Mid-Century Modern

Endangered in Tauxemont


Before developing the ground-breaking modern community of Hollin Hills beginning in the late 1940s, Robert Davenport built the nearby cooperative community of Tauxemont in the earlier part of the decade. The basic cinder block, wood and aluminum one-story side-gabled roofed homes were originally designed by architect and cooperative member Alexander Knowlton to make it easy to incorporate additions. Charles Goodman, who Davenport would team up with to design the homes of Hollin Hills, was brought in by a number of Tauxemont residents to help them expand the modest homes.


Just before the holidays this 3 bed/1 bath ranch was listed and quickly went under contract with multiple offers. It was listed at $399K. It is sited on a nice half acre lot. The house has never been touched and will most likely get knocked down like a number of the original homes in the neighborhood. Hopefully, I am wrong and whoever buys it will incorporate the space into a new modern house.


Tauxemont was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006 and to the Virginia Landmarks Register. While such designations provides some incentives to maintain the character of the homes, such as tax credits for approved renovations, they do not prevent the destruction of these modest homes marking the early years of the modern movement in the United States.