Charles Goodman's River Park.

November 14, 2017 River Park Washington DC

Goodman Townhouse in River Park – $599K

More than 50 years ago, Southwest DC underwent a massive transformation, representing at the time the largest urban renewal project in U.S. history. The effort to create a “modernist Utopia” in the nation’s capital was led by the likes of Chloethiel Woodard Smith, Charles M. Goodman, I.M. Pei, Morris Lapidus, Keyes, Lethbridge and Condon, Marcel Breuer, Edward Durell Stone and Harry Weese. This mid-century modern redevelopment effort was even highlighted in a exhibition at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels.

Today, new redevelopment along the waterfront is finally coming to fruition with the recent opening of The Wharf. Just down the street from the new restaurants, shops and residences, is this Goodman flat-roof townhouse in River Park, a key piece of the earlier urban renewal. River Park was sponsored by Reynolds to highlight the use of aluminum in residential building.