June 19, 2016 Charles Goodman

Goodman with Pool in Potomac – $750K


The site plan for Hollinridge, located on Lloyd Road and Bevern Court, was designed by Charles Goodman for a team of developers that included Robert Davenport, who built Hollin Hills, according to architectural historian Elizabeth Jo Lampl’s history of Goodman’s homes in Montgomery County. Goodman designed a number of the homes in Hollinridge, but the developers later sold lots to individual buyers mandating that they build homes in the contemporary style. In addition to several Goodman houses, you can find the work of Thomas Wright, Arthur Newburg, Richardson & Bruce, Carl Freeman and two prefab Alside homes. The homes are situated on large, wooded lots as Goodman designed the community to preserve the trees and landscape. This Goodman, now listed at $750K, is located on nearly an acre just around the corner from Lloyd on Glen Mill Road. The house, which has a pool, looks to be a Hollin Hills-style Unit House. No. 8, a design marked by a large fireplace in the middle of the house dividing the living room and kitchen. The house was originally listed at $799K.