October 4, 2010 Charles Goodman

Goodman’s Mid-Century Modern Houston House to be Renovated

Charles Goodman's Houston House is getting a $10 million face-lift.

Charles Goodman is most well known for Hollin Hills and Hickory Cluster in Virgina, River Park in Southwest and other mid-century modern communities here in the D.C. area. Similar to his high-rise apartment block in River Park (see below), Goodman also designed the 1960s Houston House Apartment building in downtown Houston. The 31-story building (click for images), which sits on top of a multi-level parking garage, was one of the first downtown high-rises in the city at the time. Goodman’s work is set to get its first major face lift since opening in 1966, the Houston Chronicle reported.  The paper (which attributes the building to the Kirksey architecture firm and not Goodman) says the owner will spend $10 million on work in the building. It sounds like some of the work will alter Goodman’s mid-century touches while other efforts will restore one of its hallmark vintage features, its dark exterior. The original exterior color was black, perhaps similar to River Park. It is now tan. The ninth-floor nightclub and its wood-paneled bar is being replaced with a fitness center, game room and business center. The lobby, which was renovated in the 1980s, will supposedly get a makeover with more mid-century style touches.

River Park

A view of Goodman's River Park apartment block in Southwest from one of his townhomes.