November 26, 2015 Marcel Breuer

Holiday Eye Candy: Breuer’s Lauck House in NJ – $1.8 million


“I am as much interested in the smallest details as in the whole structure.”–Marcel Breuer

I came across this quote the other day from Bauhaus master Breuer in a catalog for contemporary furnishings. And then I was searching for modern homes near where I grew up in New Jersey and came across this home by Breuer. Originally built for the Lauck ¬†family in 1950, the home was in danger in of being knocked down when the current owners–both architects–bought it and did a full restoration. Listed in June foe $2 million, the price is now at $1.8 million. The home is based on his famous design showcased in MoMA’s garden in New York City in 1949.

We are also are luck to have a Breuer-designed home right here in Bethesda.

Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving. And as always, thanks for reading and following Modern Capital.