March 15, 2009 Hugh Newell Jacobsen, I.M. Pei, Kent

I.M Pei’s Slayton House Drops to $2.95 Million; Jacobsen’s Three Linked Pavilions

The 1960 I.M. Pei Slayton House has been relisted at $2.95 million. It originally went on the market around a year for $4.25 million. Pei designed the Cleveland Park home (located here), with its unique three poured concrete vaults, for William Slayton, a friend and colleague at the the Urban Renewal Administration Commissioner. Hugh Newell Jacobsen designed plans for the renovation done by the owner who bought the 2/3 house from the Slayton family after William Slayton and his wife passed away after living in the house for 40 years. See my previous posts on the Slayton House.

The 1976 “Three Linked Pavilions” House by Jacobsen is also still on the market. It’s listed at at $1.45 million and located here in Kent. The award-winning 3/2 home is the only residence by Jacobsen in D.C. to feature his simple, gabled pavilion-style design. Two previous posts here and here.