February 27, 2013 Frank Lloyd Wright

Lecture: Restoring Wright’s Interiors and Furnishings; March 7

Price Tower_Don Wheeler

The third and final part of the lecture series “Still Outside the Box,” which has highlighted the work of Frank Lloyd Wright will focus on restoring the interior and furnishings of Wright’s work. The event will be held March 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the The Lyceum in Alexandria. The series is sponsored by Woodlawn/Pope-Leighey, historic sites of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. See all the details here.

Price Tower office

Interiors of Wright’s Price Tower in Oklahoma. Photos by Don Wheeler, 2006.

In “Wright Restored: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower Interiors,” two experts in the field will relate their contributions to the interior restoration of Wright’s only realized skyscraper design, Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Scott W. Perkins, curator of collections and exhibitions at Price Tower Arts Center, will lead a virtual tour of the building’s historic floors and discuss the restoration initiative.

Price Tower_Christian Korab

A night shot of Price Tower. Photo by Christian Korab, 2003.

Pamela Kirschner, a wooden arts conservator, will describe her materials research and conservation treatment of Price Tower interiors, including freestanding and built-in furniture, shelves and wall paneling.

Jane King Hession, former president of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and coauthor of Frank Lloyd Wright in New York: The Plaza Years, 1954-1959, will moderate the session.

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