October 17, 2009 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Capital Contest: Name the 12 Architects Who Have Appeared on the Cover of Time (Won by Karl in Silver Spring)

Charles Goodman is pictured at bottom right.
Congrats to Karl in Silver Spring for being the first to answer the question posed below correctly. These are the names I was looking for:

Frank Lloyd Wright
Le Corbusier
R. Buckminster Fuller
Philip Johnson
William L. Pereira
Eero Saarinen
Minoru Yamasaki
William A. Delano
Edward Stone
Wallace K. Harrison
Richard J. Neutra
Ralph A. Cram

Karl made two good points: Charles Luckman could also be included in this list, although he appeared on the cover for his business career as president of Lever Brothers, not for his later work as an architect. Karl also mentioned Thomas Jefferson as a “bonus.” Thanks to all who played.

In my previous post, I mentioned the March 31, 1958, Time cover featuring Edward Durrell Stone. The first person who e-mails me with the names of the 12 architects who have appeared on the cover of Time will win a copy of the 1964 book, The People’s Architects. Published by Rice University, the book features an essay, “Architecture and Society,” by Charles Goodman, who, no, is not one of the architects to appear on the cover of Time.
Please include your full name and address so I can mail the book. Good luck.