September 2, 2009 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Capital on the Map

Modern Capital made the cut for Dwell’s handy map and listing of Realtors and real estate websites across the United States that specialize in mid-century modern listings. As we approach the three-year anniversary of the blog, I am glad I can continue to uncover and connect people with the mid-century modern architecture here in the area through my work on the site and now as a licensed real estate agent exclusively focusing on mid-century modern properties.

The work has been extremely gratifying; the response has been totally unexpected. When I started the blog as my own resource to help my wife and I find our next house, I did not realize it would put me in touch with so many interesting people who share a similar passion. Thanks for helping put Modern Capital on the map. Keep reading, keep e-mailing and keep spreading the word about the too often overlooked modern treasures right here in our backyard.