February 19, 2010 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Capital’s New Home

Welcome to Modern Capital’s new home, moderncapitaldc.com. The goal of the redesign is to allow for an easier-to- navigate site and thus a richer experience for you, the site’s readers. I want to first thank my brother, Daniel Shapiro, an artist in Pittsburgh, for his original Modern Capital logo design, which juxtaposed a modern Charles Goodman home with the Washington Monument, an obelisk, which is a design first used in ancient Egypt.

The new logo, by graphic designer Nicole Parente-Lopez (former marketing creative director at Dwell), plays off that contradiction and the notion held by many that D.C. is a very traditional town with very few mid-century modern homes. The “Modern” in the logo is a Neutra typeface. The “Capital” is in a more traditional font that you might recognize from the pages of the Washington Post. While it is true that the D.C. area does not have the same amount of mid-century modern homes as LA or cities across the country, if you scratch below the surface, which I try to do here every day, there is a rich variety of mid-century modern real estate to be found.

The new site was designed by Nicole’s husband, Paulo Lopez, an award-winning interactive art director who used to work at Apple and is now at NPR. With Paulo’s expert help, I hope to continue to add more features to the site in the coming weeks and months.

I want to thank Daniel, Nicole and Paulo for all of their help. I could not have done this without them.

I hope you enjoy.