November 15, 2008 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Advent Lutheran Church in S. Arlington

Located here in South Arlington, the Advent Lutheran Church was originally built in 1948. It looks like the congregation is examining options of what to do with its flat-roof education wing. “Advent Lutheran Church is in the process of assessing the condition of its 60 year-old building and deciding whether to refurbish the existing education wing or to build something new,” the church’s Facilities Improvement Blog states. “We would like to have space that is welcoming, flexible and energy-efficient. Whether we choose to refurbish the existing building or to build anew, we would like to incorporate a comfortable new gathering space.” Looks like it will cost the church at least $25,000 to fix the flat roof and $50,000 to replace all the single-pane windows, both key elements of the mid-century modern design. We’ll see what happens.