December 26, 2012 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Beverly Hills

Union 76 Gas Station

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. With the weather dreadful today here in Washington and the local market quiet, I was looking through recent pictures from LA. Here are a few shots of the modernism in Beverly Hills to warm you up. Above is a shot of the 1965 Union 76 Gas Station by Pereira Associates. Alan Hess, in his book Googie Redux, writes that the gas station was “originally designed for the entry to Los Angeles International Airport as a counterpoint to the Theme Building.”

Former Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce

The former Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Ground was broken in 1948 for this building on South Beverly.

Art Deco Pharmacy

Art Deco building with pharmacy along South Beverly Drive.

This building on the corner of South Beverly and Wilshire was built in 1968 and designed by Langdon and Wilson originally for Glendale Federal Savings and Loan. Classified in the New Formalism-style, the high-rise has a flat roof with wide overhang featuring distinctive stained glass filled eaves that are supported by concrete rafters.

9454 Wilshire

Former Glendale Savings

Former Glendale Savings

Below is the Wilshire Beverly Center by Victor Gruen Associates.

Wilshire Beverly Center

Wilshire Beverly Center