November 24, 2010 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Giving Thanks for Little Modern Details

Hamilton House

I look at a lot of houses online and in person. I write about many of them here. In this post, I want to highlight some of the smaller mid-century modern details I have come across during the past several years.  Scrolling through the 3,000+ pictures on my phone (all of food, architecture and my kids), I found many pictures that have not made into the posts over the years that I wanted to share with you, including the picture above in the backyard of the Hamilton House in Columbus, Indiana. Thanks for reading. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Give thanks for your family, friends, good health and those little modern details that make life richer.

Vintage Pink Bathroom handles

Original pink bathroom in a mid-century split in D.C.

Vintage Boomerang Formica

Original Formica boomerang vanity.

The Essex Sign

The Essex condo on Connecticut Avenue in D.C.

Essex House planter

The mid-century planter in The Essex lobby.

Hair pin vanity

Hairpin vanity legs in Bethesda.

Original counter and backsplash in a Charles Goodman home in Hollin Hills.

Raised Pattern closet door

Cool raised-patterned coat closet door in 1960s Potomac home.

Harry Weese Color swatches

Original color swatches for Harry Weese-designed home in Columbus, Indiana.

Modern patio in Columbus

Modernist patio in Columbus, Indiana.

Highfield House lobby

Appropriate furniture in the lobby of Mies' Highfield House in Baltimore.

Original closet pull in Highfield House

Original closet pull in unit in Mies' Highfield House.

Highfield House Kitchen Cabinets

Original kitchen cabinets in a condo in Mies' Highfield House in Baltimore.

This last picture is one of the most peculiar things I have seen. This scene was painted on the wall of a powder room in a very cool mid-century modern home in Bethesda. Thankfully, I have not seen too many of these. Happy Thanksgiving.