January 8, 2015 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Noguchi’s ‘California Scenario’

Noguchi Garden

With the thermometer on 10 degrees right now, I thought these pictures would be appropriate. Heading south from LA and just off the 405, you can find a small oasis amid the office buildings of Costa Mesa. Located on land that used to grow lima beans, Isamu Noguchi’s “California Scenario” is a 1.6 acre minimalist public garden that highlights California’s diverse natural environment, including its water, farmland, Redwoods, desert and mountains. ┬áHere is the garden’s brochure to learn more. Soak up the sun and the modern landscape design. No snow in sight.

California 2014 096
California 2014 098

California 2014 100

California 2014 095

California 2014 114

California 2014 115

California 2014 111