June 28, 2011 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Rollingwood Elementary School Building

Rollingwood Elementary
During and after World War II, the population of the Washington area boomed. There was a great need, especially in the growing suburbs, for libraries, houses of worship and schools. Most of it was basic modern design of the time, or as one of my favorite sites calls it: mid-century mundane. One example of this 1950s public architecture is the former Rollingwood Elementary School in Chevy Chase. (It is now a private French International School.) I drive or cycle by this almost everyday. I finally got off my bike the other day to snap a few shots. I like the the Neutra-like raised metal letters and numbers and the screen block on the side of the building.

Rollingwood Elementary

Rollingwood Elementary - front

Rollingwood Elementary - screen block

Rollingwood Elementary - screen block and building