May 1, 2012 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Silver Spring’s American National Bank Building

American National Bank Building

When you walk into the lobby of the former American National Bank Building in Silver Spring you think ‘Mad Men.’ The preserved mid-century lobby (terrazzo floors and marble walls) evokes Manhattan mid-century skyscrapers featured prominently on the show. I learned more about this building and others from Montgomery County historic preservation planners who have begun exploring, analyzing and recording local mid-century modern buildings and communities. Their project is called Montgomery Modern.

American National Bank Building

A recent recent post by Clare Lise Kelly focuses on the building now known as the Zalco Building, which features green porcelain panels that recall Gordon Bunshaft’s groundbreaking 1952 Lever House in New York City. “Designed by architect Edwin Weihe in 1960, the American National Bank Building, at 8701 Georgia Avenue, is a fine example of an International style office building,” Kelly writes. “When it opened in 1961, it was the tallest building in Silver Spring and featured several design innovations.”

So make sure to follow and help support the endeavors of Montgomery Modern as the team works to document and preserve the mid-century modern architecture throughout the county.