March 28, 2013 Mid-Century Modern

Modern Snapshot: Three Eichlers in New York

I just watched the excellent documentary on Joseph Eichler, who developed more mid-century modern tract houses than any other builder in the country. During his career, he built more than 11,000 modernist homes, mostly clustered around the Bay Area.  The film, People in Glass Houses, was produced by Realtor Monique Lombardelli, tells the story of the Eichler phenomenon and interviews homeowners in various Eichler communities in California. In reading more about Eichler, I came across an article about three homes he built in Chesnut Ridge, New York. Three Eichlers in Rockland County, just north of New York City? Well, I had to go see them. Here they are, including one double A-frame design.

Eichler_Chesnut Ridge