July 1, 2008 Charles Goodman, McLean Virginia, Virginia

Moran’s Modern Oasis

Now I don’t want to get political here, especially how this election looks to be shaping up. However, I thought you might be interested in this Connection article on Rep. Jim Moran’s Charles Goodman home in McLean—no matter what side of the aisle your are on. The house’s previous owner was Najeeb Halaby, father of Queen Noor, who was the fourth wife and widow of King Hussein of Jordan. Looks like the home, which sits on 2.5 acres on Chain Bridge Road overlooking the Potomac, could be on the market at some point. The story says Moran and his wife, LuAnn Bennett, are “considering a move to Old Town in Alexandria, where Bennett’s oldest son lives. Moran said he has always thought of Alexandria as ‘his home.'”