January 31, 2010 Melvin Grossman, Miami, MiMo, Morris Lapidus

More MiMo Amid the Snow

After the snow this weekend and with the frigid temperature, I figured everyone could use a little bit more from Miami. Here’s my earlier post on the work of Miami Modern (MiMo) master Morris Lapidus, who designed townhomes in Southwest, the Capitol Skyline Hotel and and the Washington Plaza Hotel(originally the International Inn). The first picture below is of Lapidus’ 1955 Eden Roc, one of the iconic mid-century modern resort-style hotels.

Henry Hohauser’s 1946 Sherry Frontenac.

The 1949 Casblanca by Roy France.

The 1957 Deauville by Lapidus protege Melvin Grossman.

The 1955 Seville Beach Hotel by Grossman. It was supposed to be redeveloped into Ritz Residences but the deal fell through the and owner is now in foreclosure. Hope it does not get totally destroyed.

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  1. South Beach Mom — February 2, 2010 @ 8:07 am         Reply

    I couldn't resist commenting because I worked at the Seville Hotel at the switchboard when I gradutated H.S. My father worked the front desk. I've seen Miami Beach change greatly over the years. Some for the better, some not.


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