November 6, 2012 Charles Goodman

New Goodman Hickory Cluster Website

Hickory Cluster

While no homes are currently listed for sale in Charles Goodman’s Hickory Cluster in Reston (there is one rental), I wanted to make sure that everyone saw the new official community website created by the Hickory Cluster Association (HCA).  It is a good resource for those thinking about buying one of the Goodman-designed townhomes. When Robert Simon started developing Reston as a modern planned community in the early 1960s, he asked Goodman to design the first set of homes–90 International-style townhomes nestled into the trees just across the street from Lake Anne.

An original brochure highlighted on the HCA’s site, describes the townhomes as the “The Goodman Houses” in cool mid-century script typeface. Here’s from the brochure:

“Charles M. Goodman Associates, A.I.A., is the prominent architect of the First Village hillside cluster. Groups of townhouses have been arranged around intricately paved terraces,which in turn are leveled into a wooded hilltop. The Goodman Houses overlook the Village Center and Lake Anne. Sharp changes in roofline, varying sizes, and contrasting textures accented by vivid colors contribute to a townhouse setting of great beauty. A variety of designs and facilities include 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, rooftop terraces, balconies, playrooms, private studies, family rooms and recreation rooms. There is underground garage parking or carports for some models, large parking areas for others. Landscaped pedestrian paths, completely free of traffic, lead to shops in the Village Center, schools and recreation facilities. The Goodman Houses are an ideal application of contemporary townhouse design to a naturally wooded site.”