October 19, 2010 Mid-Century Modern

Pick Winning Paint for MCM House, Win $250

We have a few submissions for the Modern Capital Paint Picking Contest but we are looking for more. Spread the word to those design enthusiasts you know who would relish an opportunity to win $250. Submissions are due  to me at moderncapital@gmail.com by midnight Oct. 24.  Here’s the story again: Friends of mine who live in Charles Goodman’s Rock Creek Woods have a dilemma. They bought a Goodman a few years ago and have been doing work on the house. They also have been researching and contemplating exterior paint colors but are stuck. They are looking for the right color combination for the house, which they feel responsible for as “custodians” for those who will follow in house, which is part of the National Register of Historic Places neighborhood.

That’s where you come in: They want advice from Modern Capital’s mid-century modern obsessed readership. So get out your paint chips and develop a winning color combination for this mid-century modern home. All submission will be provided to the homeowners, who will pick the winner. The winner will receive a check for $250 provided by the homeowners and a big shout out on Modern Capital. When the painting is done, I’ll highlight the work here on the site. Some important things to think about as you develop the color combinations for the wood siding, roof trim, Masonite gable panels, large eaves and window trim:

With the fence and the way the house is sited on the lot, the roof is a prominent feature seen from the street. The new roof has an earthy brown view from afar and matches the colors of the tree trunks in winter.

As you can see from the close up, it is actually speckled.

Another major item to keep in mind is the color of the expanses of brick. They are more on the pink side than red, which is more typical of the community. Here are various shots of the exterior brick work, including fireplace.

Another factor to keep in mind is an addition to the house has an Eichler look with a wood-beamed ceiling with the beams extending outside the house.

While the meticulous Goodman had very specific colors designated for the homes–he wanted wall panels, wood doors and the Masonite panels on the gables to be bright colors, including greens and blues–the owners are very open so don’t limit your combinations. Good luck.