March 1, 2013 Preservation

Post Highlights MoCo Modern Preservation Effort

The Washington Post is out with a story today on the efforts of  Montgomery County historic preservation planners Montgomery Modern effort to catalog and preserve mid-century modern buildings (such as the school in Takoma Park pictured above) and communities. “The challenge is always preserving the recent past,” says Clare Lise Kelly, research and designation coordinator in the county’s Historic Preservation Section. “It’s easy to look at things from 100 years ago and see them as historic. .?.?. If we don’t act now to assess resources from this time period, they’ll be gone, and then it’s too late to say, ‘That apartment complex was really special.’?” Check out the slideshow here to see some of the iconic mid-century modern resources in the county. There are even a few shots inside our mid-century split in Bethesda.