Washingtonian: If You Love Midcentury Modern Architecture, You Have to Check Out Reston
Michael Shapiro is quoted in an article on the mid-century modern residential architecture in Reston, Virginia.

Washingtonian: Before and After: This Midcentury Modern Masterpiece Underwent a Shocking Transformation
Washingtonian looks at the before and after of a mid-century modern Charles Goodman renovation project Michael Shapiro did with Michael Cook, AIA, of Cook Architecture.

Bethesda Magazine: Mad About Midcentury Modern
Bethesda magazine interviews Michael Shapiro about mid-century modern homes in Montgomery County.

DC magazine’s Home Hotlist
Modern Capital makes DC magazine’s latest Home Hotlist. “Check out Michael Shapiro’s blog, a useful resource for researching mid-century homes,” the magazine recommends.

Huffington Post: Mid-Century Modern Homes For Sale In The D.C. Area
Michael Shapiro highlights mid-century modern homes for sale in the area and discusses the allure of mcm architecture.

Phillip Kennicott’s Blog
Washington Post architecture critic says Modern Capital is “great website if you’re passionate about mid-century architecture.”

The Oregonian’s Bridget Otto highlights Modern Capital as a resource not only for those in D.C. but others around the country looking for information on mid-century modern real estate and design.

Washignton Examiner: ‘Homes as individualistic as their buyers’
The cover story of the May 19 Home Guide  highlights “niche” real estate markets, including the mid-century modern market here in the DC area.

Washington Examiner: ‘Finding Modern design in the Federal City’
Modern Capital is highlighted in an article exploring where to find mid-century modern architecture in the more traditional Washington area.

Washington Post Real Estate Blog: Washington’s mid-century modern neighborhoods
Writer Amanda Abrams interviews Michael Shapiro about the area’s mcm neighborhoods.

Washington Post’s Blog Watch
The Post’s Blog Watch column highlights Modern Capital’s review of the 2008 Hollin Hills Home and Garden Tour.

Washington Post Magazine
Modern Capital is highlighted as part of D.C.’s “Mod Squad” of local resources for MCM fans.

Modern Capital Snags 2nd Place in Post’s ‘Mad Men’ Contest
Michael Shapiro’s mix of  vintage and new modern furnishings takes 2nd place in the the paper’s ‘Mad Men’ Look contest.

Washington Post: Research, references are keys to finding a good real estate agent
Michael Shapiro is highlighted for his specialization in mid-century modern real estate.

Washington Post: House of the Week
The Post highlights our Pine Spring renovation as ‘House of the Week’