February 9, 2011 Charles Goodman, River Park

Price Drop: 1966 Goodman River Park Townhouse – $324K

River Park

This Charles Goodman mid-century modern townhouse in River Park is down from its original list price of $399K. It is a corner, flat-roof unit. Goodman was picked to design River Park by Reynolds Metals Company, which developed the co-op in the 1960s to display its aluminum building products. In the 1956 book “Aluminum in Modern Architecture,” published by Reynolds, Goodman discussed how he was working on  aluminum, rather than wood, to hold his walls of glass. “With glass, the only thing we’re using the surround for is to hold the glass in place. I don’t see any point in using wood for that surround. Why not use aluminum?” He implemented this idea in River Park as you can see below.

Goodman used aluminum and glass for what he called a “transparent wall.”

Goodman River Park

In River Park, Goodman also used punched aluminum for screens and house number signs. Goodman also covered the barrel roofs in aluminum.

River Park

Aluminum barrel-roof townhomes in River Park.

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  1. George — February 10, 2011 @ 1:03 am         Reply

    Been watching it on redfin every day. Same concerns, $864 monthly fee that will only go up as taxes increase as well as maintenance. Also, not much out there. I spoke to the maintenance engineer for RIverPark (Surprisingly easy to be transferred to him if you have questions about the cooling system) and he said the air handling equipment was replaced. The unit is a blank slate which is nice with the extra windows.

  2. George — February 10, 2011 @ 2:23 pm         Reply

    And it is pulled off redfin. Be interested to see if it is under contract and goes through to sale.

  3. George — February 20, 2011 @ 7:39 pm         Reply

    The Canadians house which was reduced to $329,000 is now not listed. If these go to close we may know what the market thinks they are worth.

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