April 30, 2013 Charles Goodman

Rental: Goodman Hickory Cluster Townhouse – $2350/month

Hickory Cluster

My previous post featured a 1968 modernist townhouse in the city of Baltimore by living legend Hugh Newell Jacobsen. This post highlights a rental listing for a  townhouse in the suburbs of Reston that Charles Goodman designed just a few years before.  When Robert Simon, who just turned 99, started developing Reston as a modern planned community in the early 1960s, he asked Goodman to design the first set of homes:  Hickory Cluster –90 International-style townhomes nestled into the trees just across the street from Lake Anne.

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  1. Ali B. — May 1, 2013 @ 9:34 am         Reply

    These are definitely my favorite mid mod homes in the area. And lucky too since they’re about the only ones in our price range! I just love the outdoor spaces. And the kitchen in this one seems to be nicely arranged, which is great because that’s not true of all of them.

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