September 19, 2011 Charles Goodman, River Park Washington DC

Goodman Barrel-Roof Townhome – $394K

River Park
Here’s a new listing for a 1962 barrel-roof townhome in Charles Goodman’s River Park. The end unit is listed for $394K. You can see images here. A few years before Goodman designed the aluminum-clad townhome and apartment building complex in Southwest DC, Reynolds Metals Company, which sponsored the development, published an interesting book, Aluminum in Modern Architecture. The book highlights the projects by some of the leading mid-century modern architects that incorporated aluminum into their designs. In the back of the book, the architects talk about the future of aluminum in modern architecture. Goodman, whose work for National Homes is featured in the book, discusses how aluminum should be used to support a wall of glass. He said he did not “see any point to using wood” for the surround that holds the glass in place. “Why not use aluminum?” he asks. “Instead of having an aluminum window such as the kind we use at the present time, what you would have is a glass wall with aluminum as a unit or transparent wall. As such I would say it has a tremendous future.”

River Park

Aluminum barrel-roof townhomes in River Park.