November 1, 2009 Charles Goodman, Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Robert Lautman, Dean of D.C. Architectural Photographers, Dies at 85

A 1954 photo by Robert Lautman of Charles

Goodman’s renovated farmhouse in Alexandria.

(Courtesy of the National Building Museum)

Robert C. Lautman, the dean of Washington’s architectural photographers, died Oct. 20 of pancreatic cancer, the Washington Post reported. Lautman worked extensively with local modernist architects such as Charles Goodman and Hugh Newell Jacobsen. Earlier this year, Lautman reflected on his 60-year career at event hosted by the National Building Museum, which houses Lautman’s photographic archive. In 2007, Lautman received the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Gold Medal for Architectural Photography and is an honorary member of the AIA.