January 19, 2008 Chevy Chase Maryland

Rossdhu Court: From Medieval to Mid-Century

Today, Rossdhu Court in Chevy Chase is an enclave of seven modern homes built in the 1960s and ’70s. The 90 acre site used to house a castle built in 1927 by Captain and Mrs. Clarence Calhoun, according to a history of the area on the Rossdhu Gallery website. The gallery is housed in a private mid-century modern residence (pictured above) originally built for Herbert Haft. The home, which was designed by Haft’s architect brother, Leonard, was sold to the East Germany embassy in 1975 and then bought by the current owners after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They turned the home back into a private residence with a gallery space. The one remnant of the medieval-style architecture is the castle’s former gatehouse (first picture below) on Woodbine Street, which is now a private residence.