October 28, 2010 Charles Goodman

The Goodman House: A Mid-Century Modern-Victorian Blend

Goodman House6

If you did not go out to see Charles Goodman’s home in Alexandria last weekend, it is open again this Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. (I’m also doing an open house at my Goodman listing in Rock Creek Woods in Maryland if the asking price of $1.249 million for Goodman’s own home is too steep).

Goodman House2

I’m glad I finally got a chance to visit the home after all these years of reading and writing about Goodman. The house is really an interesting marriage of the old and new.

Goodman House5

The existing two story house behind the one-level modernist addition.

Goodman House3

Where old house and new house meet.

While Goodman kept the existing Victorian farmhouse, he clad the structure in his signature T-1-11 siding to match the glass box addition. He also installed massive plate glass windows (not see in the picture below) in the farmhouse to give it a modern feel.

Goodman House4

The original farmhouse clad in T-1-11 siding, a plywood that simulates tongue-and-groove siding.

The use of stone and wood ceilings is impressive and gives the house a warm feel. Except for a few touches like the old farmhouse doors, the transition from the modern addition to the original structure is relatively seamless.

The main highlight of the house is the large glass-walled modern addition that serves as the entrance and expansive living room. The space feels the most Goodmanesqe and you see the influence of Mies, whose work was an inspiration to Goodman. I wished that the original St. Charles cabinets were not painted over in black, but with some elbow grease they can be restored to their original color.